Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the spork speaks

i've finally caught up with matt aka sporky of the blog

monkey: hi matt! ready for the interview?

sporkulious: oh? an interview with me?

monkey: yes. so that people can get to know that mat that i know. the real sporky.

sporkulious: oh? but won't i have to worry about stalkers?

monkey: no stalkers.

sporkulious: what about people holding celery stalks?

monkey: you never know about things like that - garnish afficiandos are everywhere! you've been blogging before the word blog was even coined. what blogs to you like to keep up with?

sporkulious: i keep up with every single blog on my "blog roll" (i hate that term. i like my rolls to come out of an oven, warm and tasty). my favorites, of course, are , and mimi smartypants . i also keep up with various webcomic sites and some blogs pertaining to my hobbies and interests -,, the usuals. i'm also keeping up with a little furry primate's blog.

monkey: there are so many blogs out there, what makes you get attached to one and dismiss others?

sporkulious: 90% of the time it's the author/blogger. i don't care if they're talking about wiping baby butts or buying rhubarb at a market - as long as they make it sound interesting and fresh i'll keep on reading. having a sense of humor is the #1 way to make it into my daily rotation.

of course, i do fall in and out of love with sites - people change over time and sometimes i have to go my separate way. but i'll always have the memories! (and the google cache)

monkey: any sites you've drifted away from and rediscovered again?

sporkulious: not really. my memory isn't that great, but i can recall if i've been on a site before and it's not my cup of tea anymore. though i can see why some people would leave a site when some sort of shift comes around - like writing about food instead of her daily life, or heather champ writing less and less (or, for this month, more and more) at the only exceptions are when people stop updating their sites and then start up again. i'm a pretty loyal reader and nothing brings me more joy than when someone starts writing again.

monkey: so, i bet you are jumping with joy that i'm blogging daily, right?

sporkulious: i am! it pleases me to no end that you and thousands of bloggers everywhere are writing every day this month. of course, it does make my daily reading list extend past a few hours into the 4-6 hour range

monkey: there's always time for reading! matt, when you read, what's your beverge choice?

sporkulious: i like to have some sweet tea or water to keep my thirst quenched. though i wouldn't sniff at the idea of tossing down a few oranginas

monkey: excellent choices! do you accompany that with a snack or any thing?

sporkulious: there's no snackage going on, due to my abhorrence of a greasy mouse and keyboard, but i do often think of cheese.

monkey: who doesn't? you know how i feel about cheese.

sporkulious: i find my mind often wanders to cheese; to be truthful.

monkey: my feet often wander off to the cheese box to get a little nibble of cheese. what's in your cheese box today?

sporkulious: not much, sadly. i have a wedge of parmesan for grating, some seriously sharp cabot cheddar, a small wedge of pepper jack, some buffalo mozzarella, a few slices of provolone and some american cheese slices.

monkey: very nice selection. i also have a sharp cobot cheddar (thanks for introducing us couple years ago). my parmesan is a roughly shredded regiano. i have a tiny wedge of petit basque and a little chunk of a maytag blue that's next on the roster for my next grilled cheese. organic cultured cottage cheese rounds my collection. as you can see, i need replenish my store at my local cheeserie.

sporkulious: did someone say gouda?

monkey: hmmmm.... is becky around here. she's been known to say gouda. I understand that as a child, she had a tourette's-like syndrome where she would uncontollable blurt our the names of european cheeses.

sporkulious: i hear she was cursed by a gypsy woman after refusing to share a slice of brie.

monkey: is that how it started?

sporkulious: it's hard to get a word out of the schmitz family.

monkey: has she made amends with the gypsy women to get the curse lifted? i haven't noticed that behavior now.

sporkulious: i think it only manifests in her sleep.

monkey: oh! she's getting her own room on the roadtrip.

sporkulious: oh? that's for the best. we don't want any of the gypsy curse to rub off.

monkey: i can't share a room with any one yelling "port de salut" "moirbier" or "camembert" when i'm trying to sleep.

sporkulious: you'd never get to sleep thinking of all that cheese.

monkey: where do you find a midnight cheese monger? that would be the problem. we best let a sleeping becky sleep in her own room.

how's that for a little interview?

sporkulious: i think it's entirely suitable and scandalous for making me want to nibble some cheddar.

monkey: i better go find a nibble myself. thanks for joining me matt!

i think it's time to open up the floor to our readers. what's in your cheese box?


Blogger Rebecca said...

I've nearly run dry. I have only half a brick of Tillamook vintage white extra sharp cheddar. Of course, I have two other bricks of the same in cheese box, but they're officially off limits to me because they're earmarked as Christmas gifts.

For who, I have no idea. Certainly no one who mocks my gypsy curse.


10:18 PM, November 15, 2007  

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