Sunday, November 04, 2007

sunday sunday, can't trust that day.

today was going to be the day I spend updating my website from a halloween spectacular to something soothing and autumnal. since nothing says autumn like spice cake i decided to make one. naturally, only the freshest ingredients are worthy of my friend inga's mother's swedish spice cake, so, i trotted off to the store with a grocery list in hand. after procuring ground ginger, sour cream and other delights, i felt the calling to drop by the office supply store and get one of those plastic mats that goes on the carpet under your rolly-chair so that it glides with ease. it's a calling that many of us have.

while i was less than enthused that they could not gift wrap it for me, i delivered it to the delighted recipient just before my tummy announce it was snack time. my local ind-pak sweet shop was on the wasy home so i could not resist stopping in to get some gulub-jamun and saffron burfi. to my delight all the nearby shops had big sales for diwali. how could i pass up the chance to shop for a new sari for a friend, some bangles or a bollywood dvd? obviously i couldn't. after a healthy dose of window shopping it really was time for a snack, so, i headed home and enjoyed my sweets with a cup of tea. as everyone knows after snack time comes nap time. invigorated by a nap, i was drawn to peruse my social calendar and i soon found myself making lists of movies i haven't seen, exhibits at the museum that are coming up and other festivities i needed to pencil in to my diary. phone calls needed to be returned, snacks needed to be prepared, i needed to sit in the park and watch the sun go down. now, i'm faced with a blank page and i am have to come up with something witty to blog about for today's post. this will no doubt side track me from my spice cake baking!

i'm begining to think it's an urban legend that god took sunday off to rest. i don't know how he did it.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Is this spice cake making an appearance in Montana, perhaps?

12:09 AM, November 05, 2007  
Blogger Gene said...

Sounds like a Sunday well spent!

1:15 AM, November 05, 2007  
Blogger hi!monkey said...

no word on if the spice cake will make it to montana or oklahoma. i will keep you posted if it shows any indication that it's ready for the open road after i get it baked.

7:54 AM, November 05, 2007  

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