Saturday, November 03, 2007

help! i'm losing an hour!

spring forward and fall back - is it a delightful sequence of dance moves or a cunning plan to steal an hour from me? it's both!

what i want to know is where are all these hours going? think of it. i lose and hour, you lose an hour. all our friends lose an hour. somewhere there warehouses of hours that were snatched away from us in the night. yes, i know, they (who ever they are) say the return those house in the spring, but, i'm never really sure if i get my hour back or it's someone else's. it always looks a little bit worn around the edges than i remember it and it's listless for days. occasionally i get one back that is much too boisterous, makes a little too much noise before dawn and stays up way too late. but soon drifts into a slovenly lifestyle of laying around the pool, taking non-stop on the phone and littering the kitchen with pizza boxes. i don't need to tell you what an ordeal it is to exchange the obviously wrong hour for the right one. by the time you get through all the red tape that hour is falling back to wherever hours fall to and the whole ugly process starts again.

i really prefer the dance step. its a real crowd pleaser in a pas de deux!


Blogger Rebecca said...

My hour is still lounging in bed somewhere in an Ellensburg, Washington motel this morning. Someone needs to tell the person in Room 128 to give it back, or else turn down his television. Really, is it necessary to have music videos at top volume at that hour?

12:11 AM, November 05, 2007  

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