Thursday, November 01, 2007

the day after halloween

halloween is over, all my costumes are put away, the inside of my jack-o-lantern is thick with soot and i'm just starting to hit a sugar slump from sampling my trick-or-treating loot. it's time to haul in the giant inflatable pumpkin with cat and animtronic bats and drag out the light up turkey with realistic gobbling sound and pre-preprogrammed pilgrim that waves his ax and says "happy thanksgiving!" it won't be long before the self-tinseling fiber-optic christmas trees will emerge festooned with color co-ordinated ornaments with audio enhanced rotating stand. the stockings with digital photo display will be hung by the gas hearth and a store bought sugar cookie and a bottle of fancy water will be left for santa.

i love a good radio controlled ghost and 2 story tall turkey as much as the next primate. but, i love turkeys made from hand silhouettes, real christmas trees, carefully strung popcorn chains and handmade halloween costumes even more.

so, if you are trick-or-treating at my house next year and want to score the good candy just show up covered with stuffing from an old pillow and making baahing like a sheep, or draped in a pillow case with uneven eye holes, or wearing only your mother's wedding veil, a unitard and a garland of flowers or anything else that says "i spent hours making this and it's the best costume ever!" (if it's ok with your mom, you can have a home made muffin. she can have one too if she's wearing a costume.) hurry up! halloween is just under a year away! let's get designing!


Blogger mathew said...

i'm thinking of renting a wheelchair and going as stephen hawkings next year. not creative enough?

11:08 AM, November 02, 2007  

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