Wednesday, November 07, 2007

please take bow!

there are many things i love on a chilly autumn day; watching my neighbor rake his leaves as i sip a cup of spiced tea, slurping a mug tomato soup after playing in a pile fallen leaves or nibbling a grilled cheese sandwich after re-raking up my neighbor's leaves back into a pile. still, the one thing that always hits the spot and does not involve foliage of any kind is my homemade onion soup.

the sweet aroma as it simmers, the first glorious sip, sopping up of the final drop with the last bite of crusty bread! ahh! i could never capture that in a recipe. for me, it's more of a dance with whatever onions, stock, herbs and spices show up for the audition. the accompanying cheese and crouton pas de deux is a spur of the moment improv. i wish i could say i was the baryshnikov of the soup world, but, despite my solid technique, lyrical interpretation and nice turn out, my performance is inconsistent.

yet,cloistered in her kitchen, my pal rebecca has honing her own technique and has finally stepping center stage for off off off off off off (off) broadway premier at new west's "the big sky buffet" with her groundbreaking yet sublime solo piece "blue onion soup." i'd love to stay and chat, but, i must dash off to give her a congratulatory bouquet and baguette.

bravo rebecca! bravo!!! i can only hope she will be doing pie for her encore.


Blogger Rebecca said...

My tutu is at your command, monkey!

9:13 PM, November 07, 2007  

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