Thursday, November 29, 2007

and they're off!

the holiday season television specials have started. i can only imagine what's in store for unsuspecting viewers. while i hope to avoid anything as scary as the infamous 1977 "little drummer boy" duet with bing crosby and david bowie, i do have a few classics that i like to catch every year.

last night, "how the grinch stole christmas" kicked off my holiday viewing. dr. seuss penned the book of the same name in 1957. director chuck jones brought it to life in glorious animated color in 1966. no where else would you ever hear the melodious voice of the great horror icon boris karloff and the vocal stylings of the grrrrrreat! thurl ravenscroft?

despite my best efforts, i have still not located a recipe for roast beast, but, i have given wikipedia its christmas gift. it was a snap to shop for!


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