Thursday, November 22, 2007

keep them out of the kitchen

Cuisiner suppose une tête légère, un esprit généreux et un coeur large.

Cooking calls for a tranquil mind, a generous spirit and a big heart.

--Paul Gauguin

when it comes to cooking thanksgiving dinner, i need more than a tranquil mind, i need a tranquil kitchen.

i think people mean well by gathering in my tiny kitchen. i know the old adage "the kitchen is the heart of the home" and all that. but a clogged heart is an unhealthy heart just begging for bypass surgery. so, if you don't clog my thanksgiving cooking space, you will not have to be surgically removed. neither of us want that, do we?

please make yourself comfortable and lounge around the living room which is totally free from pots of boiling liquids, sharp implements and unexpected movements that could cause injury. really you'll be much happier there. honestly, if i need help, i'll call. otherwise, trust me when i say "please, stay out of my kitchen!"

when the table is laden with a glorious selection of treats, than we can don our turkey hats and have a happy and gratitude filled thanksgiving.

if you're not stopping by for dinner or pie, i hope you have a lovely thanksgiving too!


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