Wednesday, November 21, 2007

no music day

today is officially no music day. for 24 little hours, i'll be observing a music fast. this holiday goes back as far as 2005 when founder bill drummond decided it was a good idea. i'm all for a day off to refresh my musical palate!

so, today, i'm not humming in the shower, not listening to my ipod and not watching television's bombardment of jaunty little jingles. movies with theme songs and mood music lurking around every corner are out of the question. i've change the ringtone on my phone and i'm not making any phone calls so that i don't get ambushed by hold music. please don't call me and sign. (you know who you are.) i'm ever vigilant so that i don't start humming a tune or let a little earwurm take hold in my brain. i'm taking the stairs and staying clear of shops and malls to steer clear of elevator music or mood music. i think i have this all pretty much under control.

my only concern is that i might inadvertently engage in a john cage composition, but, i'll have to take my chances.

music is such an intrinsic part of my life, this is no small effort. this morning has gone pretty well, but, i could be gasping for tunes any moment. like a starving man, all i can think about is what i will break my fast with. will it be some classical favorite, something soothing yet inspiring? or will it be something that gets my feet dancing and my heart soaring? or will i take my chances and let some music catch me off guard sauntering up the street or snapping on the radio? so much to choose from. should i get professional help from doctor steel or doctor john. (can either of them help with a bad case of loving you?) dive in to a buffet of bowie or brahms. from (laurie) anderson to (joe) zawinal, there a smorgasborg of fast-breaking goodness out there. i'll just have to wait and see...hmmm... waits.

until then, no singing in the rain, no dancing in the streets, no rocking round the clock for me!

your musical fast breaking suggestions are welcome.


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