Monday, June 30, 2008

it's always darkest before the dawn

to end national accordion month in style, i accompanied a friend to a late night accordion jam session. the air was still thick with the strains of lady of spain as we emerged form the club, loaded my friend's accordion into the back seat and headed home in the pre-dawn light. as you might imagine, such an occasion requires a celebratory detour to the donut shop to make the day complete. i was considering all the glazed creations and commenting on a tom waits tune that mentions doughnuts when i hear a crash and a car alarm go off. tires squeal as a dark late model sedan races off and we dash to the car. it was too late. glass was everywhere, the rear window was shattered and there all over the back seat of the car were two more accordions and a concertina.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

just dropped in for a visit

unexpected guests can disrupt one's life. this little chap didn't just drop in, he plummeted from his nest high above my garden sometime last saturday night. since then, he's taken over the place. he has food delivered. he parties with the sparrows that drop by for the seed buffet i put out daily. he's set up his bedroom in the day lilies and a little lounge area on the side patio.

i thought he shared my love of interpretive dance as i watched him exuberantly leap, roll and flail about the garden. but, it turns out he was working on his flying. he's soaring to a height of a good 10 inches now. i strongly suggest the he work on his navigation and landing skills before he tests for his pilot's license.

he's getting his hopping up to speed too. just when i think he's on the other side of the garden, he shoots through the gate and escapes onto the drive-way of certain death. i don't think his trajectory is premeditated since most of his locomotion is haphazard at best.
confused by the new cement-y landscape the feathered fugitive is easy to apprehend. these little expeditions tend to wear him out, so, i usually return him to his nap-nook some crafty avian pal fashioned for him from leaves, kleenex, twigs and a discarded wedding program from a local mega church. if he starts to redecorate (as some birds are known to do), i have no choice but to start charging him rent.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

lydia oh lydia!

the winner of the two tickets to mr. izzard's concert revealed! it's lydia! she dropped by the cultured cup for a lovely chat and top pick up the 2 ticket (and surprise valet parking pass) for mr. izzard's show "stripped" tonight at the majestic. lydia knows the power of a good smooch to say "thank you!"

again, thanks to everyone for care-ing and helping to raise much needed funds for care's relief in burma. you can still donate, you know, just pop over to lyn's site and click your way to generosity!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

and the winner is...

you can feel the excitement crackling in the air as the large hopper of virtual raffle tickets is rolled onto the stage. lyn has limbered up her fingers so that she is in top ticket selecting form. this is the first raffle that lyn and i have conducted and we are pleased to say that the generous admires of mr. izzard have raised over $250 in donations to care's relief effort in the country formerly known as burma (myanmar). we'd like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the for care-ing.

the thunderous applause dies down as lyn approaches the hopper and announces the winning number -

#6585 and the two runners up.

unfortunately, #6585 was not able to use the tickets, so the tickets pass to the first runner up #6592. their identity (and photos) will be revealed pending their notification.

once again, thanks to everyone who participated. i sincerely wish i had tickets to give you all!

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