Sunday, September 21, 2008

black and white birthday

the sons of teddy roosevelt hold the dubious disctinction of being the first westerners to kill a panda 1928. subsquently, museums proudly displayed trophy pandas, but no zoological facility could boast hosting a live one of these gentle creatures. in the 1930's every explorer and his brother were clamoring to be the first to capture a live panda in china and tibet.  
all that stopped in 1936 when ruth harkenss returned from an expedition with what the ships manifest noted as a small black and white dog. the designer and socialite followed in her late husbands shoes to lead an expedition to tibet returning to the united states with not just a live panda, but a live baby panda who shared her stateroom! don't believe me?  check out exciting book the lady and the panda written by vickie constantine croke. 

now, let's break out the panda cup cakes and celebrate the 108th anniversary of ruth harkness' birthday! \

22 september 08
it's never to early to start thinking about your panda costume for halloween! 

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