Sunday, April 04, 2010

gassy old star to be eclipsed!

from la to alberta, faces will turn to the heavens to catch a glimpse of zeta opaiuchi blink out for a moment then reappear. this bit of celestial slight of hand is brought to us by the nimble little asteroid anastasia. she'll be scooting herself between the earth and the runaway o blue-white star to make it appear to disappear for a predicted 8 seconds. naked eye viewing of their performance is limited to a 25 mile swath beginning in the the los angles area at around 3:34 am PDT. her performance will be viewable across the mojave, idaho, montana and on into alberta. non-astronomers as well as those who know their way around a telescope can enjoy this spectacle as well as participate in reporting their observations.

detailed info on the paths and times of this asteroid occultation can be found at as well as a spiffy faq about what an it is remember to keep your eye on zeta opaiuchi in another 4 billion years when it goes super nova! no word on anasatsia's future plans.