Thursday, June 19, 2008

just dropped in for a visit

unexpected guests can disrupt one's life. this little chap didn't just drop in, he plummeted from his nest high above my garden sometime last saturday night. since then, he's taken over the place. he has food delivered. he parties with the sparrows that drop by for the seed buffet i put out daily. he's set up his bedroom in the day lilies and a little lounge area on the side patio.

i thought he shared my love of interpretive dance as i watched him exuberantly leap, roll and flail about the garden. but, it turns out he was working on his flying. he's soaring to a height of a good 10 inches now. i strongly suggest the he work on his navigation and landing skills before he tests for his pilot's license.

he's getting his hopping up to speed too. just when i think he's on the other side of the garden, he shoots through the gate and escapes onto the drive-way of certain death. i don't think his trajectory is premeditated since most of his locomotion is haphazard at best.
confused by the new cement-y landscape the feathered fugitive is easy to apprehend. these little expeditions tend to wear him out, so, i usually return him to his nap-nook some crafty avian pal fashioned for him from leaves, kleenex, twigs and a discarded wedding program from a local mega church. if he starts to redecorate (as some birds are known to do), i have no choice but to start charging him rent.


Blogger Brook said...

My what a great new friend you have. One of my boys is trying out his wings right now with about the same success. I hope your little friend has more luck than mine has had.

11:15 AM, June 22, 2008  
Blogger MMcP said...

OH, monkey. You are such a friend of the animals...

1:47 AM, June 26, 2008  
Blogger hi!monkey said...

animal, vegetable or mineral; everyone needs a friend!

7:36 AM, June 26, 2008  

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