Wednesday, April 02, 2008

kosher karnival

i'm all for celebrating passover and i have been known to partake in a carnival or two (providing the snacks are good and there are no clown in the vicinity). why has it taken so long for anyone to combine the two?

i can see it now. everyone enjoying the friendly competition of matzoh toss, beitzah on a spoon race, and the monor eating contests. kids will run themselves silly brushing up on the afikoman search skills while the teens will enjoy a good fright in the 10 plagues house of horrors. the crafts tent will be full of sculptures built of charoset and matzoth and vendors will hawk culinary delights like kosher corny dogs and mogen david spritzers. after a few moments in the temple shaped bouncy house, it'll be time for the children to puke and be taken home. could you ask for more fun?

if you're looking for a way to commemorate the years of slavery and arduous journey the jews made into exile in a little more upscale, you can always spend the holiday at a posh hotel.

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Blogger CynthiaC said...

Where have you gone, Hi Monkey? Haven't seen a new post in a while!


12:06 PM, April 14, 2008  
Blogger Brook said...

I'm all for the commemorating the suffering of others. My crew went to Carshon's Deli to celebrate. We didn't eat the traditional food...but a Ruben is about as Kosher as we wanted to go. LOL!

7:46 AM, April 16, 2008  

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