Thursday, December 06, 2007

st. nicholas day!

on st. nicholas eve, little boys and girls leave their shoes out for st. nicholas. if they have been very good, the will get a little treat. if they had been bad they'll find a coal or a switch. sometimes, for no reason at all, he will leave cushioned insoles, talcum powder or toe taps.

i imagine that our parents were very very very good. why else would they have found us in their shoes in the morning? yes! margaret and i have the same birthday!

we share our special day with nick park, the genius animator who brought the world "wallace and gromit", "creature comforts" and "chicken run." margaret has more in common with nick than meets the eye. she's a bit of an animation goddess herself. she's been constructing and dressing-up stop-motion puppets from "davey and goliath" and "robot chicken" to "moral oral" and the upcoming full length feature film "coraline."

happy birthday to us!!!


Blogger Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday monkey, Margaret and Nick!!!

9:36 PM, December 06, 2007  
Blogger Brook said...

I had no idea! I am so looking forward to Coraline! The author is one of my personal favorite! I hope this next year is the best ever!

9:52 PM, December 15, 2007  

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