Friday, December 07, 2007

a date that will live on in infamy

when a date gets a bad reputation it's hard to shake it. even though it's made a lot of positive contributions to the world as a date, it will always be associated that one bad apple of a day.

today, for instance. any one who's taken a bit of american history will tell you that pearl harbor was bombed on december 7th 1941. yet, how many people remember that the december 7th 1938 issue of time magazine ran a lengthy article about fashion designer turned socialite turned adventurer ruth harkness who was returning from shanghai with what the ship's manifest described as "a dog". the magazine called harkness' little charge
"a scientific prize of first magnitude", mrs harkness called it su lin and i call it cute. the little black and white bottle-baby holds the distinction of being the very first wild panda to be captured alive.

prolific and eclectic musician, composer, performer tom waits was born on this day in 1949? coincidence? well, yes.


Blogger Brook said...

We so loved the story of the first live panda to comet to the U.S.

9:50 PM, December 15, 2007  

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